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NetSuite Foundation Certification is intended for new consultants to get acquainted with NetSuite basic terms and leverage core NetSuite capabilities, how standard ERP and CRM business processes work in NetSuite, and implementation best practices.

The purpose of this course is to provide an outline/guideline on a study strategy for the SuiteFoundations exam. You begin by studying key setup tasks; reviewing standard process flows, and exploring web store functionality while building an intranet in a demo account. You will also compare audit and search functions, as well as data manipulation options.

By the end of this course, you should be able to evaluate your readiness to take the SuiteFoundation exam and identify where further study might be needed.

This course provides lecture, study materials, and a NetSuite demo account to help you prepare for the NetSuite SuiteFoundation Exam.

Topics covered include the following subject areas:

  • Setup and navigation
  • Item setup and basic inventory management
  • Sales order processing
  • NetSuite Site Builder web store capabilities.
  • Data management
  • Managing NetSuite


Course Curriculum

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