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Welcome to Cognita! Administrator Fundamentals examines key administrator tasks and responsibilities to provide you with the foundational knowledge needed to tailor, maintain, and optimize NetSuite for your users’ business needs. The course begins with a high-level review of NetSuite capabilities before turning to the daily setup, configuration and customization tasks that are part of an administrator’s core responsibilities. The course points out best practices and techniques for ensuring the ongoing optimal use of your NetSuite system.

Course Objectives:

After this course, you should be able to:

Complete customization tasks to add fields, control views, and create new tables in NetSuite
Add new users to your account and provide them with custom roles, based on the standard design and publish shared home dashboards, a common landing page, to departments
Migrate data into your NetSuite account with the import assistant
Perform mass updates to ensure data integrity and accuracy in your NetSuite account
Use the New Release portlet and its contents to prepare for upcoming NetSuite Consider techniques for securing your data and account
Research and install SuiteApps to extend functionality in your NetSuite account

Course Curriculum

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