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Learning is
part of our DNA
Let's keep growing Review Our Courses

is part of
our DNA
Let's keep growing Review our Courses
Cognita is a division of Trajectory inc. dedicated to educating business and finance professionals about NetSuite. 


Learning is part of our DNA and now we’re offering this tool to support continuous learning. 

Trajectory is an owner-operated ERP solutions provider, passionate about helping businesses run efficiently and grow faster.

Our professional services are designed to effectively help you manage your organization, accelerate growth and expand your business thanks to our consistent exposure to various industry verticals.
Since Trajectory joined the circle of NetSuite consulting companies in 2005, we’ve continued to learn, develop and grow along with our clients, offering best practice solutions, integrations, and support. 

Netsuite Content:

Our experts have created the Trajectory Insights Blog. Here you will find relevant NetSuite implementation topics, guides, how-to articles, and more.

Netsuite Courses:

We can help you boost your career and make you a tech expert! We support every team member, and by joining us you will receive full professional training. The NetSuite Essentials is all about NetSuite related modules, apps, and guidelines that every NetSuite company needs to follow.

Netsuite Certifications:

Become a pro with us! Because taking a NetSuite Certification Exam is an important endeavour, we have designed courses to prepare candidates for these exams, including interactive exercises and practice exams to test everything you have learned. 

Cognita Instructors

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